Fairtex is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of high quality Muay Thai equipment for all levels. From professional fighters to fitness enthusiasts, Fairtex  offers the very best products that guarantee a safe and secure experience during training sessions.




The name Fairtex itself was registered as a trademark back in 1958. The origin of the name has not been officially explained, but it is easiest to assume that it is divided into the words “tex”, which is an abbreviation for the word “textile”.

Company founder Philip Wong came to Thailand from China as a young boy who wanted to learn Muay Thai. In 1971, he created the Fairtex Garments Factory Company Limited as the parent of the entire Fairtex brand.

The seventies of the last century were marked by the Fairtex development, which quickly became a pioneer in the local market. 

Now, Fairtex is a leading manufacturer of boxing gloves, shinguards and Muay Thai apparel. The company is closely associated with the MMA industry and is also actively supported by such athletes as Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields and James Irvin. Fairtex is not only training equipment, but also training centers located in the USA, Thailand and Japan, as well as management support for many champions and titled athletes.

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