Collection: Muay Thai & Boxing Shorts

Martial arts, like any sport, has special apparel designed for a specific type of movement. 

In boxing, these are boxing shorts made of lightweight fabric with a high waistband. In mixed martial arts they are shorts made of a durable fabric with elastic inserts at the groin for making punches and technical elements in the ground. In jiu-jitsu it's a classic gi.

Thai boxing is no exception. Thai boxing shorts have been used for many years and have undergone numerous innovations both in materials and shapes of products. 

There are many companies producing shorts today. However, we recommend Thai brands producing exclusively Thai boxing apparel. You can consider world-known brands as Twins Special, Fairtex, Top King, King Pro, Booster, Blegend.


Thai boxing shorts range in price from 700 to 3000 baht. Moreover, in this case the cost depends on the brand and used materials. Many do not understand this pricing policy referring to the opportunity to buy a similar product for less money. The logic is correct but the cost of Thai shorts as well as any other equipment for Thai boxing is primarily due to its durability and longevity. Of course, there is a logistical issue here, but Thai products are renowned for their comfort and durability.


There are several types of fabric used to create Thai shorts. Mainly it is satin, satin, polyester, silk and other materials with a similar set of properties. The peculiarity of the fabric is its durability, resistance to friction and the way it behaves when wet.

Most Thai shorts under 700 baht are sewn from cheaper fabrics that do not meet the specific requirements. The fabric sticks to the body when wet, shines through and even rips under intense strain.

There are several kinds of Thai shorts models, which are fixed by certain manufacturers.

Traditional. Loose shorts in the traditional style of classic Thai boxing. They have a loose, slightly baggy fit. Pants have small cutouts for comfortable leg work. Often used by heavyweight fighters due to spacious trousers. They get maximum flexibility by having very wide legs, and as such Thai fighters have developed a habit of rolling the waistband to increase this even more.

Slim fit. Classic long and slim fit with tapered pant legs and skinny fit. Pants have differently shaped notches to increase comfort when kicking. Used by most light to medium weight fighters.

Retro. Shorter shorts designed as a shorter, squarer cut, which makes use of arched slits on either side to compensate in terms of flexibility. With ventilated mesh on the sides. Named "Retro" for their use of traditional motifs. Popular among women, children and lightweight. 

The design of the shorts has a distinctive feature. The classic models have the text printed in Thai. "มวยไทย" which translates to "Thai boxing".


Something we can’t really help with is sizing. Usually you can find the size guide here. As a rule Thai sizes are smaller than western sizes, but this doesn't apply to all brands.

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