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Every boxer knows that you can't do without special footwear when training. When it comes to boxing, it's important to have the right equipment. Discover in our article how to choose best boxing shoes for your training

Boxing is one of the most intense sports, and the right shoes are crucial when training. Wearing any shoes you can't  expect to get the same results in the ring. It has to be boxing shoes, and they have to be comfortable enough to last through long hours of training.

How to choose the right boxing shoes

Basic selection criteria
When buying boxing shoes, the main attention is paid, of course, to the size. As a rule, sports shoe manufacturers have their own size range, often differing from everyday variants. In addition to size, pay attention to:

  • the height of the boxing shoes. They come in three types: high, medium and low. Which one to choose? It all depends on what you're buying the shoe for. The high ones have long laces that are often not very comfortable for training. It's better to spend those 10 minutes for a workout than not to lace up your boxers. Low - they lace up quickly, but are less supportive on the foot and lower leg;
  • material of manufacture. Oddly enough, leather shoes are not particularly favoured by professionals. It is durable, but not as breathable as suede. In addition, such shoes are heavier, which makes training a little more difficult. Today boxers choose footwear made of a combination of synthetic materials and natural suede. Leather is used in the manufacture of additional elements. Particular attention should be paid to the sole, shoes should not slip on the ring;
  • type of fastener. When we talk about boxing shoes, we invariably imagine lace-up shoes. But today many manufacturers use a combination of laces and a zip. Such models are convenient because, once you adjust the shoes to the volume of the foot, in the future you can use a zip so that you do not lose time lacing;
  • the manufacturer. Quality shoes can not be cheap - this is a fact. But overpaying for a brand does not make sense either. For example, Booster Boxing Shoes are quite comfortable, durable, but cost optimized. 

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