Who is behind Raja Boxing success?

Who is behind Raja Boxing success?

Raja Boxing was founded in 1998 by Maturos Khutasevi, a former stockbroker. 

When she decided to start her own business, she turned to the country's national sport, Muay Thai. The brand name was shortened from the Rajadamnern Stadium where she found her inspiration. Raja also means "the King" in Thai.

Raja Boxing is a world famous manufacturer of high quality boxing equipment and equipment. Brand earned his reputation thanks to the professionalism of the company's employees, who control the quality of the production of goods at all stages. 

The owner of the company Maturos Khutasevi is personally involved in the selection of material for equipment and checks for compliance with all requirements. For the manufacture of boxing gloves and protective elements of Raja Boxing, high-quality genuine leather is used, thin, but strong enough to provide maximum flexibility.

Raja Boxing gloves not only protect the joints, but also provide comfort and freedom.

The leather used in Raja gloves and protective gear is quality cowhide leather, thin yet strong enough to allow maximum flexibility without tearing during hard training.

Ms. Maturos Khutasevi, the elegant and most hardworking CEO of our company, is an expert in fashion design and production. She is the author of the innovative use of "silver leather" and "gold leather" as well as Thai silk in Raja products. Brand is the very first to release this design, which has been copied by many other manufacturers today.

Raja equipment has been approved by countless sports scientists, fighters, camps/gyms and is widely used in Thailand and many countries around the world.



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