What is Mixed Martial Arts | Easily Explained

What is Mixed Martial Arts | Easily Explained

MMA is only becoming widespread in the current century, although mixed martial arts fights date back to ancient Greece.

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts as a term appeared at the end of last century. It was suggested by Rick Blum. Many people do not distinguish between mixed martial arts and bare-knuckle fighting, however, this is a common misconception. The modern MMA fighter is well-versed in different fighting styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and more.

History of MMA

Mixed martial arts originated in ancient times. Greek pankration and Roman pankration were their earliest prototypes. MMA in its modern form began to take shape only in the 19th century, when European countries and also Japan began to host fights using techniques from various styles. The first bout of the 20th century which went down in history was the bout between Mohammed Ali and Kanji Inoki, which ended in a draw.

Television programmes as well as films contributed to the development of the trend. In particular, the film Bloodsport, released in 1988, starred a Hollywood actor, Jean-Claude Vandam.

The rules of mixed martial arts

MMA is a unique phenomenon in the world of martial arts. Here the fighter decides for himself in what manner he will fight. He may stand or fight on the ground. Different wrestling techniques are used in the fighting arena.

They may use both hands and feet, as well as grappling and many more. Everyone is free to choose the most suitable fighting techniques.

 What is Mixed Martial Arts | Easily Explained

What is not allowed in MMA?

  • No punches to the groin, throat, back of the head or spine;
  • Biting the opponent and hitting his head;
  • Poking into eyes with fingers;
  • Impact on small joints, such as fingers;
  • Grabbing your opponent's ears, nose and mouth.

Such moves may result in a penalty from the referee which will affect the final outcome of the match. A fight may also be stopped in the event of a painful or choking hold. The referee may also stop a fight because of a clear superiority of one of the contestants.

The area where the fight takes place is called the cage. It differs significantly from the boxing ring and is the signature of mixed martial arts. Its fencing is not made of ropes, but of a solid net, the height of which is greater than the height of a man. It is necessary to prevent opponents from flying outside the cage and getting injured.

Benefits Of Learning MMA

  1. Physical training. When practicing mixed martial arts regularly you increase your body's capabilities. MMA training helps increase your functional strength.
  2. Health. MMA classes, like any sport, are beneficial. A trained body is much easier to fight any health diseases. 
  3. Self-defense. This kind of martial arts allows a common person to master a wide arsenal of techniques, which will be useful for him when repulsing an attack on the street.

Women in MMA

Lately women's mixed martial arts have been gaining popularity. The largest federation of the sport regularly holds fights involving ladies. Despite the apparent brutality, it is safe to practice MMA in the gyms. Firstly, effective protection with the help of equipment contributes to this, and secondly, an experienced trainer will reduce this probability to a minimum.

What you need to train Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts allows for the following attire for the competitors:

  • MMA Shorts (for men).
  • MMA Shorts and tops (for women).

The main rule is that neither the clothing itself nor any of its individual elements may cause injury to the opponent. Footwear is not provided. In the past fighters fought with bare hands, but to avoid injury there are now special MMA gloves. They weigh 4 ounces for professionals and 6 ounces for amateurs. 

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