Positively designed and engineered in Thailand by Mr Sasan Ghosairi, the BLEGEND range of gear is designed to meet the demands of professional sport and combat sport athletes. Every piece of gear is crafted from the best materials available and constructed with optimum performance in mind.

Wide Selection of Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Shinguards, Muay Thai Shorts, Muay Thai T-shirts form Thailand

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BLEGEND is a Thai Martial arts brand specialized in Muay Thai and MMA.

BLEGEND  was founded in Thailand in 2020 by Mr Sasan Ghosairi.

We beleive that every fighter will live by the motto “BE A LEGEND OF YOUR LIFE” and use these products to help to excel.

From head to toe, BLEGEND Muay Thai Equipment has you covered. BLEGEND brand is known for it’s slick designs and high quality products made with the martial artist in mind.

From gloves, shin guards and pads to shorts, shirts and bags… we have something for everyone! With affordable prices and shipping rates all over the world you can’t go wrong, get your workout gear and sparring gear from BLEGEND!